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About Us

TEXES Tutoring Services has a long standing in supporting students in the State of Texas for teaching certification exams. TEXES Tutoring Services is a privately owned company with operation headquarters located in Texas and with tutors located across the State. We are a group of educators focused on helping students pass TEXES.  TEXES Tutors understands the significance of acquiring teacher certification, which is why our tutors dedicate their time, energy, and resources for success. Our tutoring program consists of small team of retired and current instructors from teaching institution across the State of Texas. The team is committed to ensuring full satisfaction and seeing all students pass the TEXES exams.

Why Start TEXES Tutoring Services?

The sole reason in starting the TEXES Tutoring Services organization was because many individuals in Texas were failing the exam. Resources for the TEXES exams were scarce. What little resources existed online had nothing to do with the real TEXES exams. Companies started publishing study guides with TEXES Exam stamped on the front cover. Many of the exams have been recently revised. According to students, no study guide truly examined the Common Core Standards implemented in the updated TEXES exams to be able to provide effective studying tools.

What makes TEXES Tutoring Services different from other websites?

TEXES Tutoring Services provides personnel one-on-one tutoring test prep courses focused on the TEXES exam content. Our services are based on quality and ensuring satisfaction of all students. Since the initiation of TEXES Tutoring Services, our tutors have been researching and developing course content aligned with the Texas Academic Content Standards and Common Core State Standards. We have developed worksheets and strategies on distinguishing between what seems to be “two” right answers. We have sent tutors to take the TEXES exam as researchers. TEXES Tutoring Services is the strongest source to passing the TEXES Exams.

Why Should You Get Tutoring From TEXES Tutoring Services?

TEXES Tutoring Services has a long track record of supporting students with teaching certification exams. Our TEXES Test Preparation Courses include the following benefits:

Our Tutors

Having the right support to passing any exam is critical. With many of the teaching exams being changed and unreliable resources being sold online, having a good tutor to guide and support you is critical to your success. Our tutors know the exam and can tell you what to expect on the exam. They can tell you how to approach the questions on the exam and ways to maximize your score. They review online resources and provide content material that is relevant to the exam. Our tutors and exam writers will provide the best support in timely manner to make sure that when you enter into the testing center you pass your exam.

Requirements For Tutors and Exam Writers

Our requirements for tutors and exam writers at TEXES Tutoring Services are the most rigorous to ensure high quality:

Exam Writers Responsibilities While Supporting Students

Tutors and exam writers are responsible to maintain high quality throughout interaction with the students. We establish high standards for our tutors to ensure full satisfaction for our students. Throughout tutor-student engagement, communications are monitor to ensure quality of correspondence. Tutors and exam writers responsibilities includes:

Track Record of Success

TEXES Tutoring Services has a history of success since the company’s inception. Within the first year of starting TEXES Tutoring Services, our team of TEXES experts assisted over an hundred students. Since then, we have expanded our services to universities and school districts and have helped thousands of students. Our TEXES test prep course is tailored to capture weak area development, resulting in score increase for 97% of our students. The personal attention our online tutors provide for the TEXES Exams is the key differentiator from other online services. Since the start of our tutoring program, we have reached great milestones:

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