Refund and Retake Policy – Crystal Clear and No Gimmicks
Satisfaction Policy

Retake Policy – 8 weeks program only
We are confident in our capability to support you in passing your exam. With your hard work and our dedicated tutors, you are to get the support for your certification exam. If you do not pass your exam after completing our 8 weeks program, we will re-enroll you in our online class for free.
Following are additional details regarding the retake policy:

  • Only the 8 weeks is covered under this policy. No other service is covered by this policy.
  • We ask that you devote time and energy in studying the exam and complete all recommendations by the tutor. Our tutors are serious about you passing the exam, so we want you to be just as serious, which is how success will come. By not completing all assignments, sessions, and recommendations, you risk waiving the retake policy.
  • If you re-enroll, you will only get 4 hours of tutoring and/or 4 weeks of email tutoring (decision will be subject to management based on usage). Depending on usage, you may be placed on a wait list for a tutor to re-enroll. The policy is that you will receive additional support from our tutors.
  • This policy offer is only for retest takers. If you are taking the exam for the first time, please chat with an agent for more details and obtain approval.
  • The lengthy research completed in ensuring quality and updated content has resulted in huge success in the past, allowing us to provide this policy.  This policy does not and will not assert that students will make a particular score/questions/success/information on the exam as many variables contribute to the passing score.
  • This policy does not mean you will receive your money back if you fail. The retake policy (satisfaction and scores within) is only to allow students to retake the course again (one time). Any additional retakes will require approval of management.
  • Students will need to initiate communication with the service directly to implement the retake policy.
  • In order for us to honor this retake policy, score reports will be requested prior to re-starting the course. Under certain circumstances, review of failed score reports may be waived.
  • The policy is only valid for the exam code you original signed up for when starting the program and one retake. Additional retake will require management approval.
  • Under the circumstances that this policy has to be used, the policy will be used as said on this page unless modification are signed and approved in writing by Senior Management.

Retake Policy – 4 weeks or 2 weeks program only
For 4 weeks or 2 weeks program, our retake policy is to support the student one additional time via email tutoring, homework, or live sessions depending upon usage and management approval.

This page/policy can be modified at any time with or without notice.
No discount course/multiple subject course packages are under this policy unless approved by management. Signing up for multiple courses, 5 days refund policy is only for the first course.
This policy is valid for 5 months upon payment. Request of retake must be made within 5 months of payment date.
After 1 week (5 business days) of course start date, no funds will refund under any circumstances unless approved by Senior Level Management and supported by the Decision Review Board. 
Any modification to the course made will result in this policy being void. 
Management reserves the right to refuse refunds in the month of transactions made in January, April, June, July, and October due to historical high usage.   
Hourly tutoring sessions are not under refund policy. No funds will be returned for sessions paid by the hour.
Retake is not allowed if there is a long gap (more than 2 weeks) from exam date and end of course.
Service operations are 24/7