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I have studied a lot to pass, but I still can't pass the exam. I even tried tutoring before and classroom support. What am I doing wrong?

Using Poor and Outdated Study Material

Students buy study material unrelated to the real exam and devote a lot of time studying wrong information. Most of the exams were recently updated, and the study material is not updated. Many companies just changed the book cover and few pages inside book. Just buy the study guides sold back in 2010; most of the study guides have not been updated.

Getting Poor Tutoring Support

Most students naturally feel comfortable with face to face tutoring. However, TEXES is a specialized exam and most local tutors are not updated with the exam content and questions. Most companies focus on other exams such as ACT, SAT, TEAS, PCAT etc, and these companies mix match information.

In addition, face-to-face local tutoring companies, such as Club-Z, Huntington, Sylvan, Varsity Tutors, Wyzant, etc, do not specialize in the TEXES Exam. Most of these companies are franchise tutoring companies that anyone can start, and the centers do not look for specialized tutors in TEXES. Just do your research. Your friends can likely apply as a part-time tutor themselves for multiple subject areas; the tutoring is not focused on TEXES. More importantly, most local tutors do not keep themselves updated with content and questions.

What We Do Here That WORKS?

At TEXES Tutoring Services, our entire company is based on helping students pass the TEXES exam. We specialize in the area of TEXES, and we make sure that students are well exposed and accurately tutored. Our program is the best online tutoring program for TEXES because:

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