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Testimonials - Real Students Passing

I signed up for the TEXES 191 Class, and I passed the first time. They provided me with everything I needed to pass. I am very thankful for TEXES. Van. J

Tutoring Services as I know others who have taken the exam 3-4 times. Thank you. Barry M. 

Thank you very much. Thank you for persuading me to sign up as I was not going as it was too expensive. But I am glad I did . thanks. Jake H.

I have taken then TEXES 191 7 times. I have used everything out there online. Nothing helped until I used TEXES Tutoring Services. I I recommend TEXES Tutoring Services 100%. Cate K.

I have brought exams from many other places, but this site is the best. They provide support with the exam, so if I have questions or need to knowmy weak areas they go over it with me. If you want to study right, this is the site. James K.

This site sells very little questions, but this is the site to buy questions from. It is unfortunate they do not have a lot of questions, but they have good questions and tutors explain everything in detail with test tips. I brought over 1000s of practice questions from www.texesprep.com only to find out I got ripped out as they use the same questions from www.praxisprep.com and www.gaceprep.com and the exam questions had nothing to do with the exam. HUGE rip off. Suman R.

Just wanted to tell you that all of your questions is fantastic!! Not only do you break it down in detail, but you make it so much easier to understand. – Jake B.

Thank you for this service. It is nice to see a website with real exam questions. – Kevin D.

Thanks Wonda for your help with test tips. – Sunny H.

I have brought everything for the TEXES exam. Even though you don’t have a lot of questions, your questions are the closest to the exam. – Macy G.

The texes math exam does not a lot of practice questions, but your items are very good to review. – Lou F.

Thank you so much for the free tutoring. It has helped me pass my texes history exam. – Marye R.

I enjoyed working online for free with James. Thanks – Victor C.

Good questions. You guys need to get more questions. –  Nick M.
I brought all thousands of questions on texesprep.com and nothing they provided was similar to the exam and many study guides. You

guys reallyhave some good stuff. – Beth Z.

Thank you for the questions. Real helpful. – Thom O.

Tutors going over the questions in detail is very helpful. – Amber J.



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